(EFE)// The Interprofessional Association of Fruit and Vegetables of Andalucia (Hortyfruta) and the Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producers and Exporters of Murcia (Proexport) presented an image campaign on a European scale, for the purposes of regaining consumer confidence in the Spanish product.

With the slogan “We care, you enjoy!”, the campaign will be rolled out in Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom.

It will include measures such as direct promotions in supermarkets, advertising in emblematic venues or adverts on television cooking programmes, at peak times, according to a statement made to Efeagro by the President of Hortyfruta, Francisco Góngora.

The initiative was presented in Berlin, within the framework of the Fruit Logistica trade fair, which is being held until Friday and is considered to be the most important trade fair in Europe for the fruit and vegetable sector.

The campaign will last for three years and includes the image of the German actress Esther Schweins.

Its slogan seeks to convey two messages to the consumer, one rational one about the safety of Spanish fruit and vegetables and another emotional one, because they are good “for our loved ones”.

Góngora explained that the promotion is aimed at consumers and, most particularly, housewives in the afore-mentioned European countries.

The sector looks above all to Germany, as this is the prime destination for Spanish fruit and vegetables.

He indicated that producers in Murcia and Andalucia are trying to reinstate their image after what was called “an episode about which it is best not to speak” (in reference to the “E. coli” crisis), from which the sector emerged “very much prejudiced” and having suffered “intangible damage” and low prices at the end of the harvest, without bearing the blame.

For his part, the President of Proexport, Juan Marín, underlined to Efeagro that Germany is the prime destination for Spanish fruit and vegetables, with some 30% of exports, and that the sector is also interested in other markets such as France, the United Kingdom, the Scandinavian countries and those of Eastern Europe.

Marín emphasized the commitment to exportation of the companies of Murcia and indicated that some 90% of them are represented at the Fruit Logística trade fair.


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