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The Palencia-based company Fast Drinks, with head office in Venta de Baños, launches self-heating drinks on to the market with its 2GO line of products. Say goodbye to the microwave because now having a hot cup of coffee or soup is as easy as clicking and waiting for three minutes.  It sounds strange but behind this curious drink lays a simple chemical reaction: the can is divided into three compartments, one for the drink, one for calcium oxide and one for water.  When opening the can and pressing on the base, the sheet separating the calcium oxide from the water breaks, and an exothermic reaction (producing heat) is generated within three minutes.  The properties of the can retain the heat for twenty minutes

Although other companies had already tried their luck in this field, only Fast Drinks has managed to create an impression in our country with the reinvention of an existing idea.

When was 2GO born?

This range of self-heating products did not come to light until 2009, when it began to be marketed.  However, Fast Drinks already had four years of research behind it, as in 2005 it began to focus on how to develop a container that would heat liquids.


The pioneer in self-heating formulae was the American company WP Beverage Partners, who introduced this peculiar can in its Wolfang Puck brand back in 2004.  Subsequently, the idea reached Europe, specifically the United Kingdom, from the hands of Nestlé UK. In Spain, the Italian brand “Caliente Caliente” also gave it a go, although its self-heating drinks didn’t get very far.

Fast Drinks have known how to cover the hole left by these initiatives in the market and we can safely say they are here to stay.


Black coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, tea with lemon or consommé were the varieties that initially made up this range of drinks. But since last December, Fast Drinks has a new ally: self-heating wine.  It is a variety of hot wine, which the Germans know as Glühwein, very typical in Central European countries, where it is mainly consumed in the winter.  At the moment, this latest offering from Fast Drinks is only available in Holland and France, although an extension into the Nordic countries and Germany is also on the cards.

Differentiating element

An innovative product at a good price (1’,5 euros approximately) explains the success of 2go. Despite experimentation with self-heating containers years back, those of the Spanish brand are insulating to avoid burning consumers and are 100% recyclable.

Exportation and distribution points

2go is present in a multitude of countries, amongst which are Sweden, Australia, Russia, Dubai, Egypt, Japan, Turkey, Germany, France and, of course, Spain.  All of them have distributors for the impulse and food channels, but you can also find them in service stations throughout our country.

Perhaps the Spanish culture is not much given to drinking coffee in the street, although the volume of sales achieved by the company to-date tells another story.  Whatever happens, we are facing a revolution in the SHC (Self-heating can) concept and it has only just begun.



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