“Let nothing take away our enjoyment of  life”, a message full of hope, is the slogan of the latest Campofrío campaign, directed by the filmmaker Álex de la Iglesia.

And the fact is that, in the face of the crisis that assails us, Campofrío teaches us to laugh about the problems with a mix of humour and emotion.  To this effect, it brings together the big comedians of our country (Santiago Segura, Martes y 13, Fernando Esteso or Chiquito de la Calzada, amongst others) before Gila’s grave, who replies with one of his legendary telephone calls to the question made by Jose Yuste: “ Master, is it possible to see the bright side each day with everything that’s raining down on us?”.

The melody chosen, Pachelbel’s Canon, is the cherry on the cake as it contributes to a large degree to the creation of an emotional atmosphere.

A successful advert

The experiment might seem risky if we bear in mind that to sell cold meats it resorts to a very long advert (2.30 minutes) with protagonists who have little to do with the food sector.  However, its success is now a reality, as shown by the Youtube statistics, where the video has registered over half a million hits. Reproductions of the advert, from 23rd of December to-date, have been increasing at a vertiginous rate.

Impact on social networks

The campaign was anticipated on Facebook on the 21st and from that moment on a multitude of posts appeared complementing the advert and flooding the wall.  On Twitter no-one was left unmoved either, as shortly after it debuted it was a trending topic.

On television, although we had to wait until Christmas Eve to see the advert for the first time, it was the last of the year, broadcast by Antena 3 and La Sexta.

Emotional Marketing

If before it was important to exalt the qualities of a brand, now they almost pass unnoticed with the phenomenon of emotional marketing, which appeals to the emotions.

Campofrío perfectly reflects the idea in this advert, also launched at an opportune moment: Christmas and a time of crisis.  However, the company had already dared to try emotional marketing previously, as can be seen in the Pavofrío advert, the slogan for which was “Pavofrío, because there is nothing better than feeding another model of woman”.

We don’t know what the brand will surprise us with next, but what we can say is that the original idea with the comedians has left us with a very good taste in the mouth.

And what about you, what do you think of the new Campofrío campaign?


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