New initiatives arise every day thanks to new technologies that seek to make life easier for us when it comes to shopping.  In recent posts we have spoken of projects such as the case of, an e-commerce platform which permits the acquisition of low cost products, without passing through the hands of intermediaries and with the advantage of home delivery, or the case of AmazonFresh which sells organic produce at a single click (although at the moment it is in experimental phase in the USA).

However, in this post we are going to refer to a phenomenon with which we are not very familiar in our country.  It consists of tools which bring together price comparisons for different establishments and simultaneously provide the opportunity to make the purchase in situ online. and are two platforms with a common idea: to facilitate the task of doing the weekly shop.  Through these portals one can search for the best prices by comparing the biggest distribution chains in the Spanish territory, such as Mercadona, Eroski, Alcampo, Hipercor or Caprabo.

Two portals that mark the difference, for its part, works with a very intuitive interface.  After free registration, we enter and make our shopping list which can be done using a “quick list”, in other words, writing the products you want to buy and the comparison tool finds the cheapest option amongst nearby supermarkets.  The “usual shopping” process can also be implemented, which is carried out directly with your customary supermarket.  Once you have made your list and being aware of the lowest prices, you can decide whether to shop directly with a click or whether to do so in the traditional manner by going to the supermarket itself.  In addition, this platform also provides the client the option of planning a weekly menu for family and friends or accessing the recipes section where you will find the recipes classified by level of difficulty, price or ingredients. comparador supermercados

On the other hand, we have, which makes use of the same idea and aim as, in other words, for users to do their shopping through a search engine which compares the best prices.  Unlike, has some unique features such as the option of finding out the ingredients in the products, or making your selection using a search for products free of gluten, milk, almonds or other ingredients and condiments. comparador precios compra

The home delivery revolution comes to smartphones comparador movilNew technologies change people, and with them the market also changes, together with many people’s way of shopping.  Following these tactics, a shopping cart price comparison tool has emerged for Mobile devices.  It is the mobile application which promises a saving in your shopping bill of up to 40%.

Once we have downloaded the application onto our smartphone, we focus with the camera on the barcodes of the products we are running out of at home or we directly enter their name.  To follow, a price comparison tool shows us the supermarket where we can do our shopping at the lowest price or enables us to make different product lists and pass them to other members of the Supertruper community, with which the tool ensures its viral nature. In addition, the application’s website announces that soon you will be able to shop directly from your mobile.

It would be important to bear in mind these types of tools that interest the consumer as nowadays in our society time is of utmost importance and initiatives that enable you to combine the word “saving” with “time” and “money” represent an added value for the consumer.


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