There has been a lot of water under the bridge since this American chain opened the doors to its first establishment in Seattle (Washington), back in 1971. Since then, it has not neglected its value proposition one little bit, so fundamentally linked to sensorial marketing.  The quality of its products and the welcoming atmosphere achieved in each of its premises has taken Starbucks to the very highest level, making it the biggest coffee company in the world.

Diversification of product range

A beer please! could even be heard in the Starbucks café’s in Spain.  Because the popular brand never ceases to surprise us and is now daring to diversify its range, incorporating alcohol into its menu of coffees. So far, this risky proposition is just an idea that seeks to find a home in the cafeterias of California and Atlanta towards the end of this year, after the success achieved in Seattle in 2010; as it was in this, its native town, that the experiment began.

Perhaps the key to attracting a new client profile lies in coffee and wine which, last thing in the afternoon, could perhaps come to rival the famed Frapuccino. Will we see it in our country?

Starbucks Card Mobile application

Mobile marketing, fundamentally driven by applications, is currently growing at a vertiginous rate.  And, of course, Starbucks has joined this trend.  It was to be expected, but only Americans in Seattle, San Francisco and New York are in luck, now being able to pay in establishments using their iPhone or BlackBerry. If everything goes well, Mexico will be able to enjoy the application towards the end of the year.

The procedure for this innovative system is very simple: you download the Starbucks Card Mobile application, you enter your Starbucks card number and by capturing the barcode on the display scanner you make payment.

A brilliant strategy for creating customer loyalty but, when will it get to Spain?




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