Food Sector Internet Marketing Plan

Food Sector Internet Marketing Plan

Food Sector Internet Marketing Plan

We develop your digital Marketing plan.  At Marketing4Food we speak your language, we are specialists in Food Marketing and you will have a team of professionals at your disposal with over a decade of experience in Online Marketing and expertise in your sector.




What does a Digital Marketing Plan consist of:

At Marketing4Food we are aware of the needs of the food sector and we adapt the Marketing Plan to the objectives of each of our clients.  How do we do it?:

1. Research Process: We analyse and monitor the market, the environment, trends and the consumer prior to embarking on any project .

2. Objectives: There is no Marketing Plan without prior objectives.  Tell us about the objectives of your company, we will analyse them and establish a plan to ensure that attaining those objectives will not be a problem for you.

3. Strategies: These are defined by the previously established objectives, developing the on and offline strategies needed to achieve such objectives.

4. Analysis of Online–Offline competition: We undertake a meticulous analysis of your potential online competitors, what strategies they are following and how we can take advantage of them.  We present you with a detailed report as well as a series of solutions to ensure that your competitors will not be a problem for your business in the future, and we will thereafter keep you informed with a weekly monitoring service pertaining to your competitors.

5. SWOT analysis: How are we doing in relation to our competitors and the market? What are the threats that could weaken our project or be a problem in the future? We analyse, establish and outline a tactical plan aimed at ensuring the success of your project.

6. Tactics:  The moment has arrived to tell you about the tactics we will follow in order to ensure your online project is a success.  Strategies aimed at achieving Internet Visits, increasing the reputation of your brand, making contacts, making sales, creating customer loyalty or any other objective, amongst the most common are:

  • Search Engine Optimizatio
  • Social Network Marketin
  • Management of Online Reputatio
  • Banner Campaigns, Creative or Advertising Campaigns, either Online, Offline or a combination thereof.

7. We develop your Online project: this is the moment we implement on the website everything agreed in the Marketing Plan, obtaining a fine-tuned mechanism for achieving the objectives established throughout the entire process.  Any similarity with any other website is purely coincidental.

8. Analysis of results: We have different online monitoring systems that provide us with information on a weekly basis in relation to the results we obtain once our Plan has been implemented, which we analyse, thereafter providing monthly solutions for ongoing improvement.

Do you have an idea? Tell us about it and we will help you implement it



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